With the summer holiday and vacation season upon us, Top-Tens — an
iPhone/iPod touch app that gives the user the ability to keep tabs on
the top 10s of their favorite hobbies, interests or pastimes — now
allows users to see a series of top 10s for the most popular theme
parks and water parks in the USA and UK and other attractions

Whether you plan to go on safari at Animal Kingdom, Disneyworld,
revert back to childhood at Magic Kingdom or release your inner child
at Thorpe Park or Alton Towers in the UK, Top-Tens lists the top 10
rides and attractions at each of the theme and water parks. In
addition, for people visiting other places this summer, the top 10
things to do and places to visit in London, New York, Paris, Sydney,
Berlin and more are also covered in the app.

Users of Top-Tens can access these now — together with close to one
hundred other top 10 lists which are constantly being updated in the
app — including top 10 books, movies, albums, singles and more. The
app can be downloaded from the Apple App Store for US$2.99 here:

To find out more about Top-Tens and to see a complete list of all the
top 10s which can be tracked, visit the official site here: