Turing Technologies
(http//www.turningtechnologies.com) has released
TurningPoint AnyWhere, interactive polling
software for Mac and PC systems. Combined with
Turning’s ResponseCard keypads or ResponseWare, a
web-based polling application, creates a wireless
response and voting system allowing presenters to
ask interactive questions within their preferred
presentation application.

Those applications can include PowerPoint or Mac
Keynote presentations, Word documents, Excel
spreadsheets, PDF content, web pages, multimedia,
and more. Originally developed to accommodate
users interested in a polling option that didn’t
require PowerPoint, TurningPoint AnyWhere uses a
floating toolbar to poll participants or students
at anytime using any type of digital content.

Results can be collected anonymously or tracked
by individual with the use of a participant list.
Educators also benefit from integration with LMS
systems, including Blackboard and WebCT, that
supports the ability to import class rosters and
upload session results into a gradebook.

Turning CEO Mike Broderick says the 2.0 release
of TurningPoint AnyWhere provides increased
functionality and improved interface design to
both Mac and PC users including:

° Question Lists — presenters can create and
store interactive questions in advance;

° Dynamic Charts — real-time results during polling;

° A Screen Shot Report — automatic screen shots
capture question content in other digital
applications and correlate results on a
question-by-question basis;

°Enhanced ResponseWare support —- participants
can respond to interactive polling questions
using their web-enabled devices including the
iPhone, iPod touch BlackBerry smartphones,
laptops, or desktop computers.

Contact Turning Technologies for pricing options.