Pro2col ( has announced
the availability of the Hermstedt StingRay file
transfer server on a new and improved hardware
platform. This is a “significant step forward”
for the award winning managed file transfer
appliance, closely following on the heels of the
release of version 2.5 in December last year,
says Pro2col Managing Director James Lewis.

The new 1U appliance offers users enhanced file
transfer features such as faster processing and
more robust hardware. These improvements result
in increased throughput, minimal downtime and
therefore a faster and more efficient file
transfer process, Lewis says. The hardware has
tsahe same starting price as the old £2500
(approximately US$3,500).

Encompassing the same range of large file
delivery options as the previous model, users are
able to send and receive large files via FTP,
HTTP, SMTP, Email Hyperlink, POP3 and Leonardo
over IP. The server also still offers users the
same features indicative of managed file transfer
solutions that enable them to streamline business
processes. These include; email notification,
full tracking and logging, group sending,
workflow forwarding, hot folder sending and

Competitive upgrade options are available to
existing customers wishing to migrate to the new
hardware platform. For further information
please visit the Hermstedt StingRay web site