FileMaker authors John Mark Osborne and Steven Blackwell are teaching
the new FileMaker Training Series (FTS) and the Philosophy of
Scripting for FileMaker Pro 10 in San Jose, California.

FileMaker Training Series Dates:

– October 19th through October 23rd, 2009 (Washington DC) – January
25th through January 29th, 2010 (San Jose, CA)

Philosophy of Scripting Dates:

– February 1st through February 5th, 2010 (San Jose, CA)

FileMaker Training Series Description:

The FileMaker Training Series is the official training curriculum
from FileMaker, Inc. It offers a series of 12 training modules that
cover a comprehensive set of topics designed to help you master the
essentials of FileMaker solution development. This new series
incorporates the many new features of the FileMaker 10 product line
throughout the modules but stresses good programming skills for
FileMaker 7, 8, 8.5 and 9.

– Planning a FileMaker 10 Solution
– Developer Skills
– Advanced Developer Skills
– FileMaker Server
– Security

“We have expanded upon the curriculum to include additional examples,
points and concepts from our own experiences as trainers and
developers”, says John Mark Osborne. “We feel the additional material
will assist students in grasping the material. In addition, Steven
Blackwell will focus on FileMaker Server and Security like never

Take the first 3 days or the last 2 days of the FileMaker Training
Series. Take all 5 days and save $500.00.

The Philosophy of Scripting covers intermediate and advanced
scripting and calculations over a five day period. Developed from the
wildly popular Scriptology book and CD ROM, these courses are aimed
at in-house and commercial developers who want to develop
professional solutions as well as pass the certification examination.

“These classes take advantage of the Philosophy of FileMaker design
approach”, says John Mark Osborne. “The Philosophy of FileMaker
teaches you how to think in FileMaker Pro rather than regurgitate
techniques. This enables each developer to solve his own unique

Here is what a few students have to say about the Philosophy of
Scripting hands-on training courses:

“I’m sure you’ve heard it MANY times before but… an outstanding
course. Your humor and wit are only matched by your knowledge.” –
Steve Monroe

“I don’t recall a single question that could not be answered by one
of you off the top of your head. I would highly recommend any class
you offered.” – Bruce Littrell

Take the first 3 days or the last 2 days of the Philosophy of
Scripting class. Take all 5 days and save $250.00.

John Mark Osborne has been working with FileMaker Pro for the last 20
years and has become one of the leading industry experts. John Mark
is co-author of the wildly popular Scriptology book and CD ROM which
has become the standard for FileMaker Pro developers. Recently, he
received a prestigious award from FileMaker, Inc. for developing
outstanding technical resources for his popular FileMaker Pro web
site, Database Pros ( John Mark is also a
regular speaker and trainer at MacWorld Expos and the FileMaker
Developer Conference. Database Pros works closely with FileMaker,
Inc. as one of 25 Platinum level FBA (FileMaker Business Alliance)
members and 1 of 12 trainers authorized to teach the Professional
Training Series from FileMaker, Inc. John Mark is a certified
FileMaker 7, 8, 9 and 10 developer having passed both certification

Steven Blackwell is president and founder of Management Counseling
Services. Steven has written a multitude of articles for FileMaker
Advisor Magazine, white papers for FileMaker, Inc., a video on
FileMaker security and the only book on FileMaker security ever
written. Steven is a FileMaker 7, 8, 9 and 10 certified developer and
one of 25 platinum level FBA (FileMaker Business Alliance) members.
With 20 years experience in the FileMaker market, he is a legendary
developer known by all.

To find out more information or register for a class, visit the
Database Pros web site: