Softhing has released FTP Maker 1.5
(, an update of the software
for Mac OS X 10.4 and higher that lets your clients and co-workers
upload their files on your FTP server via drag and drop.

The upgrade adds a Log feature and adds a parametric prefix to create
a single zip file with a custom prefix. Also, settings can now be
hidden in the generated FTP Maker Uploader.

In FTP Maker, the users will never be asked to specify your FTP
address or username or password or any other setting. Here’s how it
works: launch FTP Maker, define your FTP address, username, password
and folder and add your company logo, then click on the button
“Create FTP Upload Application” to create the application to
distribute to your clients.

You can create an unlimited number of applications for all your
needs. You can download an unregistered version of FTP Maker that’s
fully functional with the only limit of 1 MB upload per file.
Registration is US$30, but version 1.5 is a free update for
registered users.