KCRW (89.9FM and KCRW.com) announces the launch
of its first applications on the Apple App Store.
The Santa Monica-based public radio station
recognizes the desire of fans to listen to — and
watch — KCRW on mobile devices and is making
three separate apps available.

The KCRW Radio app will stream all three KCRW web
channels — on air, music and news –with real
time playlists. KCRW is also at the forefront of
redefining radio as a medium, giving users the
ability to WATCH compelling radio. Two new apps
will distribute video highlights from live band
performances on Morning Becomes Eclectic, as well
as the latest content from our popular weekend
program Good Food.

“The innovative iPhone and iPod touch are the
perfect devices to let KCRW bend the boundaries
of what radio is. Who says you can only listen to
radio?” said KCRW assistant general manager
Jennifer Ferro.

° KCRW Radio app — Listen to all three KCRW.com
channels, hear favorite shows and recent live
performances on demand, and view real time
playlists and the KCRW events calendar.

° In Studio and Good Food apps — The “In
Studio” iPhone app will deliver a standout video
performance from each of the artists appearing on
Morning Becomes Eclectic, hosted by Jason
Bentley. Good Food features, hosted by Evan
Kleiman, will include interviews with chefs,
updates from the Farmers Market, and more. Both
applications will be updated frequently with new
video on an ongoing basis.

The apps are available for $0.99 each from
Apple’s App Store on iPhone and iPod touch or
at www.itunes.com/appstore/