Avatron Software’s founder, Dave Howell, a former Apple software
engineering manager, and his team of Mac OS X programmers, have
released Air Sharing Pro
(http://www.avatron.com/products/airsharingpro/), the second
incarnation of their file sharing app for the iPhone and iPod touch.
It’s available for US$9.99 in the Apple App Store.

Howell says Air Sharing Pro gives iPhone and iPod touch users the
desktop-like ability to access, view, e-mail, print, store and manage
documents — including large PDFs and high-resolution images — as
well as zip/unzip files, including password-protected ones. The app
also gives users the ability to view everyday files, including videos
and music, and use their phones as wireless hard drives or thumb
drives to transfer and carry documents.

Users of Air Sharing Pro wirelessly connect their handheld devices to
their computers as an external drive and drag and drop documents
between the machines. Howell says that Air Sharing Pro gives users —
including small businesses, enterprises and consumers — the ability
to access remote file servers and “easily perform any number of daily
tasks off-site to save time and improve their everyday workflows —
or be more productive.”