ATTO Technology ( says its Celerity 8Gb and
4Gb Fibre Channel host adapters have been qualified for use with the
new HP StorageWorks Enterprise Virtual Arrays (EVA) 6400 and 8400 as
an enterprise storage solution for the Mac market.

Expanding on ATTO’s current support for HP EVAs, this solution is
designed to enhance workflows and increase productivity by keeping
content available in real time for multiple users, says Timothy
Klein, president and CEO of ATTO Technology. ATTO has created a
specialized Fibre Channel driver to allow path failover capabilities
for the HP EVA storage solution.

In addition to continuous data protection, the solution is robust
enough to support the throughput demands put forth by today’s
high-end video applications, according to Klein. It’s also scalable
across multiple workstations in a shared Fibre Channel SAN. The ATTO
Celerity host adapters provide dual-channel PCI-Express and PCI-X
Fibre Channel connectivity to the HP EVA through a Fibre Channel

A custom driver, developed by ATTO for use with Celerity host
adapters, allows the Mac operating system high-availability
connections to the EVA. The combination of ATTO’s Fibre Channel host
adapters and the HP EVA offers a completely redundant video
production solution.