Servoy ( — a platform provider for SaaS
solutions — has announced a new release of its SaaS platform: Servoy
4.13. Servoy’s platform allows development of hybrid applications —
which can be deployed as SaaS and on-premises through both a browser
and a native client — from a single code base.

Servoy applications don’t need remote video technology such as Citrix
and Microsoft Remote Desktop to run over the web, according to Servoy
CEO Jan Aleman. Servoy applications typically require up to 10x less
server resources than applications deployed using Citrix and Remote
Desktop, Aleman adds..

Additionally, Servoy addresses some of the problematic issues of
remote desktop technologies — mainly hardware access. “Printing and
file system integration is always cumbersome and often requires
additional tools and costs,” Aleman says. “Servoy’s native client
technology has built-in capabilities to access any type of connected
hardware with direct access to the local file system. Even more, it
is possible to enable native integration with applications that are
running locally.”

Servoy has also recently released a free calculator to estimate
redevelopment cost and total cost of ownership at