Imagine Products (, a software
publisher specializing in video indexing solutions, and Primera
Technology (, a manufacturer of DVD and
Blu-ray Disc publishers, have partnered to offer an integrated
digital video archiving solution.

Video professionals can now streamline their workflow and
automatically archive content onto write-once Blu-ray Disc media
using Imagine’s ShotPut software and a Primera Bravo-Series disc
publisher. The entire offloading, disc creation and label printing
archival process is automatic and hands-free, according to Imagine
President Dan Montgomery.

With ShotPut Pro as soon as a video card (volume) is detected, an
offload (copy) is started to multiple hard drive locations including
a designated “burn folder” for a Bravo-Series Disc Publisher. As
offloads are completed, card copies are automatically created on
Blu-ray discs for archive. The burned discs are printed with smudge
proof, ink direct-to-disc and include customized information such as
contents, date and project information gathered directly from the
video card’s Metadata. Sample templates may be further customized
with your own graphics and company logo, or other text information.

ShotPut Pro costs US$89 and is compatible with Mac OS X 10.4 or
later. Version 2.0 with the Primera support is available now as a
free upgrade to existing ShotPut Pro owners.