Smart Loops has released three new SL MultiTracks drum loop libraries
in ACID WAV format for use with Mac and PC software samplers and
audio software.

Fast Rock 3 is for aggressive rock and punk tunes that need a solid
groove; it includes heavy tom grooves suitable for a bridge or solo
section. Medium Straight Rock 9 is for songs with many different
sections — with light hi-hat patterns to some big fills and
hard-hitting rides.

Slow-Medium Straight Rock 4 includes grooves with a sharp snare
back-beat and some unusual crash hits; it sports some train-type
beats too. With SL MultiTracks, computer-based musicians and
producers can take control of the drum mix by discretely controlling
volumes, EQ and FX on individual drum and cymbal loops (kick, snare,
hats, overheads, and toms). Each MultiTrack groove and one-shot is
provided in two ways: as a set of multitrack drum and cymbal loops,
and as a complete stereo mix loop.

Fast Rock 3, Medium Straight Rock 9, and Slow-Medium Straight Rock 4
are available for download in ACID WAV format from for US$14.99 per
library. All three libraries can also be purchased as a three-pack
download special for a limited time.