Portrait Professional 9 (http://www.PortraitProfessional.com) is new
portrait airbrushing software for Mac OS X (10.4 and higher) and
Windows (2000/XP/Vista). For any given face, the software creates
custom controls specifically to enhance that particular face.

For example, if the face has a heavy jaw or double chin, Portrait
Professional’s “jaw slider” control will reduce the fatness of the
jaw. On the other hand, if the jaw was rather weak or small, the
slider would subtly enlarge it. The software contains over 100
“intelligent” sliders of this nature, plus an automatic touch-up
brush to give the user fine control over the appearance of the face
and hair, according to the developers.

In addition, Portrait Professional 9 incorporates new patent applied
for ClearSkinT skin beautifying technology. This enables skin defects
such as acne, blotchiness, roughness, wrinkles, age spots, grease and
other skin problems to be automatically removed leaving the skin
looking natural and well textured.

Portrait Professional is available in two versions targeted at
amateur and professional photographers. Portrait Professional
Standard 9 (normally US$99.95, but available this month for $69.95)
is a stand-alone version that offers all of the new face, skin and
hair touch-up facilities but doesn’t include the Photoshop plug-in,
batch mode productivity features or the RAW file support. Portrait
Professional Studio 9 (normally US$149.95, but available this month
for $99) can be configured as stand-alone app or as a Lightroom or
Photoshop plug-in. It also works directly with Camera RAW.