Boinx Software has announced the availability of FotoMagico Remote
to control a live FotoMagico 3 slideshow with iPhone or iPod touch.
To help presenters with their live narration, FotoMagico Remote also
includes a teleprompter that displays a thumbnail and the speaker
notes for the currently displayed slide. FotoMagico Remote can be
puchased exclusively at the iTunes App Store for $19.95.

“Using the FotoMagico Remote on stage gives you unprecedented control
and makes you look cool,” says Oliver Breidenbach, CEO of Boinx
Software. “Adding this to your iPhone or iPhone touch comes much
cheaper than buying one of the less stylish and less useful hardware
remote control devices on the market.”

A fullscreen presentation with FotoMagico 3 can now be remotely
controlled with the “FotoMagico Remote” application on iPhone or iPod
touch. FotoMagico Remote provides playback remote control and a
teleprompter right in your palm. You can read your notes and get a
visual feedback of the duration of the current slide on the screen,
giving your whole live presentation a highly professional touch.

With FotoMagico Remote you are free to walk around the stage in front
of your audience while narrating your slideshow. FotoMagico Remote on
your iPhone or iPod touch is the perfect addition to FotoMagico 3 Pro!

Remote controlling a live presentation with your iPhone or iPod touch
can be protected with a four digit PIN code. Setting the PIN code
makes sure nobody else can interfere with the presentation.

FotoMagico Remote runs on any iPhone an iPod touch with iPhone OS
2.2.1 or later. FotoMagico Remote requires FotoMagico 3.0 (or later)
running Mac OS Leopard (or later) and an available local WiFi network
for the communication between the Mac and the iPhone or iPod touch.

FotoMagico Remote for iPhone and iPod touch is available exclusively
at the Apple App Store for US$19.95.

For additional information, please visit the FotoMagico Remote web
page at