, a software tutorial-video vendor, has released a new
training program called “Logic 401: Logic’s Mastering Toolkit”
( This training program
contains three hours of pro-level tutorials by veteran software
trainer, Steve H.

The program starts with an overview of the history of mastering, and
how the trade of the “Mastering Technician” grew as audio
transitioned from wax cylinders, to the phonograph, tape, compact
disc, and now digital files like MP3s. Next you move on to the
present day and learn how to master music in Logic.

Along the way, you’ll explore all of the important mastering plugins
in Logic, including compressors, limiters, and EQ. H. also provides
detail not only on how to use these Mastering DSP plugins, but also
why you want to use them to achieve certain effects with your sound.

“Logic 401: Logic’s Mastering Toolkit” is available for download
directly to your computer for US$49.50. Once downloaded, you can sync
the tutorial to your iPhone or iPod Touch using the company’s N.E.D.i
iPhone tutorial-video player