Russound, the #1 brand in multiroom audio, has announced its first
control solution designed to work with Apple’s popular iPhone and
iPod touch products. The new RNET Touchpoint user interface allows
end users to control zones and source components in a Russound
multiroom installation wirelessly, from anywhere in the home, through
a friendly graphical user interface (GUI) designed expressly for
their iPhone or iPod touch.

“The RNET Touchpoint is more than an application for the iPhone or
iPod touch,” said Russound Product Manager Roger Soucy. “It’s a true
IP-to-serial control interface that gives users a convenient,
one-touch wireless control solution, through a platform that they’re
already comfortable with, and without the need for any additional
downloads or plug-ins.”

The Touchpoint TCHS1 is a network connected device that works with
any IP-based wireless LAN, and serves up customized interface screens
that can be viewed with the built-in Safari browser on either an
Apple iPhone or iPod touch. Any user with access to the home’s WiFi
network simply types in the IP address of the Touchpoint TCH1S device
and saves it as a bookmark on the iPhone or iPod touch home screen.
This places a Russound icon on the home screen, which allows for
one-touch access to control functions for any zone or source
component in a Russound RNET multiroom audio system, including
instantaneous status feedback.

The commands that the user enters into RNET Touchpoint are converted
from HTML to RS232 serial data, which is sent to the Russound audio
system through supplied USB to Serial adapter cables. This adapter in
turn connects via DB9 to the Russound audio system’s controller. The
TCHS1 hardware can be connected to the user’s wireless access point
or router through either through wireless 802.11a/b/g, or a hardwired
CAT-5 connection.

The RNET Touchpoint offers the end user comprehensive control over
individual components throughout their Russound multiroom
installation. This includes source selection through both
direct-entry and scrolling functions, and a full complement of
transport controls for source components, including Play, Pause,
Previous, Next, and Plus/ Minus, as well as buttons for direct
numeric entry and “Disc” and “Enter” commands.

Wireless control over specific entertainment zones in the home are
made just as easy through the Touchpoint. With it, the user enjoys
simple access to zone selection and power, as well as volume
adjustment and muting, bass, treble, loudness and balance controls, a
Do Not Disturb (DND) function and a Party Mode setting. The system
also provides useful system feedback, including Wi-Fi signal strength
and metadata from Russound RNET Smart Sources. Zones and sources can
be custom named during Touchpoint configuration by the installer.

Russound’s RNET Touchpoint TCH1 control system for the Apple iPhone
and iPod touch will become available in June at a MAP of $599.