Boinx Software announced the release of BoinxTV 1.3, an important
update to its breakthrough live production software that turns a Mac
into a TV studio.* BoinxTV 1.3 adds new features and workflow
enhancements as well as further improvements in performance and
stability. Version 1.3 supports Veescope Key Softlyght, a
high-quality chroma keying filter that is available separately for
$49. By popular demand, the update also features an integrated
configurable audio delay compensation and convenient settings to
automatically create device sources. BoinxTV 1.3 is available as a
free update and is highly recommended for any BoinxTV user.

“We are very excited by the level of enthusiasm that BoinxTV has
created since we shipped it about 6 months ago,” says Oliver
Breidenbach, CEO of Boinx Software. “Partnerships like the one with
DVDxDV are a sign of a blossoming ecosystem around the BoinxTV
platform. We are happy to be able to offer customers more options
through cooperations like this.”

“BoinxTV is a great product and I am confident that users will find
the Veescope Key Softlyght keyer a valuable addition to its toolset,”
notes Brad Wright, President and CEO of DVDxDV. “I am very excited
about the cooperation with Boinx Software.”

In addition to the built-in standard chroma keyer, BoinxTV supports
an alternative high-quality filter based on Veescope Key by DVDxDV.
The “Veescope Key’s Softlyght” filter for $49 shows excellent results
in optimized studio lighting, especially in keying fine details (e.g.
hair) and rapid movements. Users now can choose between different
real-time solutions for their specific needs, to get the best results
in using a studio setup with backdrops.

The new audio delay compensation in BoinxTV can be configured to make
up for the latency introduced by using different cameras and
peripheral connection standards. A new preference makes all connected
cameras and microphones automatically available as sources. With
BoinxTV 1.3 it is also possible to change the resolution of existing

BoinxTV is a revolutionary tool for creating Live to Disk, Live to
Internet, and Live to Stage video, jointly developed by Boinx
Software and TheCodingMonkeys. With BoinxTV, you can create stunning
studio shows, podcasts, sports events, concerts, interviews, sermons,
lectures, seminars and more, using your Mac and multiple cameras.
With its innovative user interface and its extendable architecture,
BoinxTV makes it easy to create professional ‘TV style’ shows,
minimizing post-production time.

BoinxTV 1.3 is available as a free update to its existing BoinxTV
customers at or via the built-in Software
Update. A free demo license enables BoinxTV for 30 days. The single
license of BoinxTV is available for $499 at the Boinx Kagi Store. The
BoinxTV Sponsored Edition for $199 requires a credit for BoinxTV in
every video created with BoinxTV. For education and volume licensing
(multi-seat) of BoinxTV, please contact The Veescope
Key’s Softlyght filter is available for $49 in the Boinx Kagi Store.

BoinxTV requires either an Intel-based Mac with discrete graphics
from ATI or NVIDIA or the latest PowerMac G5 with a ATI graphics and
a minimum of 2GB of RAM. Full system requirements and more
information on BoinxTV can be found at