BOSS ( has released a new line of tuners for
every price range and level of musician with the TU-1000, TU-12EX,
TU-12BW, and TU-88 digital tuners.

Featuring a high-intensity LED meter for visibility on dark stages or
outdoors, the flagship TU-1000 sports a floorboard design that powers
up to six effects processors and includes two audio outputs. The
TU-12EX features the BOSS needle-type meter and LED tuning guide in a
sleek thin-line body and compact size. New features include a flat
tuning function, reference tone, auto-off, and Accu-Pitch, which
helps musicians verify their tuning by sounding a beep when the
correct tuning is reached.

The TU-12BW features an expanded tuning range to correspond to a
range of brass and wind instruments. It also features the BOSS
needle-type meter and LED tuning guide, as well as a contact Mic and
dedicated holder to attach on music stands.

In addition to authentic BOSS’ tuner and metronome features, the
TU-88 features a built-in headphone amplifier, so players can
directly monitor or record sounds from stomp boxes or electric
guitars with the built-in speaker simulator. Guitarists can also jam
along with songs from a CD or MP3 player with the new mix input