MarketNet ( has released a list of
“must-have WordPress Plug-ins.” They are (with MarketNet’s

1. Akismet recognizes spam comments with 80-90 percent accuracy and
automatically puts them into a spam comment folder. This helps you
better serve your readers who have legitimate comments. . Akismet
blocks thousands of spam comments, saving you time.

2. Mobilepress makes reading blog content via smartphone easy. When
looking for content via mobile, you want fast, simple, and
uncomplicated. Mobilepress delivers.

3. EasyTube makes posting YouTube videos simple. Post this into your
blog post: [youtube:URL]. Replace URL with the video’s URL and click
“publish”, or write the rest of your article above or beneath it.
Readers can watch the video right there on your blog post page
without leaving your site.

4. Sociable is a favorite plugin for social bookmarking and
submission buttons.You want people to share your content with their
friends, and this plugin makes it easy. Your percentage of viral
content promotion will increase simply by making the process simple.

5. Twittar — More and more of your commentors will use Twitter.
Twittar takes the email address of the commentor and checks Twitter
for an avatar.This plugin increases the number of faces you’ll see
when people comment.

6. WordPress Thread Comment — Threaded comments let you reply
directly to someone who has left a comment, and your response is
indented and placed directly beneath the comment you’re responding
to. You avoid scrolling all over to try to find every response to a
particular comment.

7. Get Recent Comments is especially helpful for websites that
receive a steady flow of comments. Whenever you have comments coming
in regularly, you can paste a code into your sidebar to let visitors
easily see the most recent comments.

8. WP-Polls adds polls to any post, page, or sidebar. A well-placed
poll will always get more responses than your number of comments.
Clicking a multiple choice button and “Enter” is much easier than
sharing a well-thought out opinion in the comments section, and
there’s anonymity.

9. Seesmic-WP lets you record and add video to your post straight
from the “Add New” post page. Your visitors can make comments to any
post using video. Look for a big increase in video commentors on
blogs as people get more comfortable with social multimedia.

10. WordPress Related Posts lists links to a few older articles on
similar topics to the post on the current page. It makes it easy to
see other articles of the same vein, an enticement to venture deeper
into the site.

11. Woopra gives you live streaming stats, so you can see exactly how
many people are on your site at any given moment, where they’re from,
and how they got there. Go to now and register your blog.
In a few weeks you’ll receive acceptance into the Woopra program.
Then add the plugin,log in to and view your stats.

12. Twitter Tools integrates your blog and your Twitter account so
you can post links to your latest posts on Twitter, post your most
recent tweets on your blog sidebar, or turn your tweets into blog
posts without extra effort.

13. Notify On Draft Post sends you an email every time someone adds a
new post into the queue. This prevents accidentally sweeping quality
posts under the rug and forgetting to publish them. A must for a blog

14. Subscribe to Comments is the best way to keep track of what’s
been said in the comments section of a particular post once you’ve
left the site. You may come across some blogs through Google searches
or shared links from friends. It gives the blog permission to email
you whenever someone else comments on the same page you commented on.