PremiumSoft ( has released Navicat 8 for
Oracle and PostgreSQL, a major release of its database administrative
tool. Navicat version 8 includes such new features h as exporting
from Oracle/ PostgreSQL to Excel file, supporting of ODBC
Import and Code Completion in all SQL Editor.

Designed for database administrator and developer, the software is
used to simplify database management by letting users create,
organize, access and share information. In version 8 of the
application, features enable export from Oracle/ PostgreSQL to Excel,
increased support for ODBC importing, code completion in all SQL
Editors and SQL preview for all object design forms.

Navicat 8 is additionally said to offer more support in regards to
creating view, table, and import/export data, SQL queries,
synchronizing databases and connecting to remote databases. Other
changes involve more adjustable table and column properties in the
Table design form, and the ability to send a notification e-mail for
a scheduled task, with the option of attaching a file from Export
The application requires Mac OS X 10.4 or later. Navicat for
MySQL can also be found on the Navicat web site.