Quark has announced special volume licensing for K-12 schools that
allows educators to bring QuarkXPress 8 into their classrooms for
discounted prices. As a part of the volume licensing program, K-12
schools can purchase 250 seats of QuarkXPress 8 for less than
US$1,500 or 500 seats of QuarkXPress 8 for less than $2,500.

QuarkXPress is graphic design and layout software that offers
students the ability to create print, Web, and Flash output using a
single software application. In addition to discounted pricing,
Quark’s volume pricing program for K-12 schools ties all of the
QuarkXPress 8 seats purchased by a school to one serial number,
easing the management of many licenses.

School districts can also save expenses by signing up for a one- or
three-year maintenance plan that provides automatic upgrades to new
releases of QuarkXPress throughout their enrollment in the program.
To learn more about the K-12 volume licensing program visit:

Additonally, Quark offers The Teacher Resource Guide, a guide for
instructors that includes a sample syllabus, 14 training modules, and
an outline for deploying the modules in a classroom environment. The
syllabus includes a capstone project for students to develop as part
of the course, with class-time suggestions, and a sample grading
scale. The guide is applicable for students learning the software for
the first time as well as experienced QuarkXPress users. It’s
available for both Mac and PC users at no charge in a single,
downloadable file found here: