Eizo Nanao Technologies (http://www.eizo.com/) has announced the
ColorEdge CG232W, a full high-definition 22.5-inch LCD monitor for
broadcast and post-production that can be used for both reference and
editing work. Mostly geared at professional users, this monitor is
expected to be priced around US$12,500.

According to the folks at Eizo, the ColorEdge CG232W is the first
monitor for post-production and broadcasting to offer this dual
functionality. Studio professionals can now conduct all their work on
one monitor whereas they previously needed both a master monitor for
reference (playback) and a desktop monitor for editing. This delivers
significant cost savings while eliminating the problem of trying to
match colors between different monitors, says Eizo.

The ColorEdge CG232W comes with multiple input support including
DVI-D, and D-Sub to facilitate direct connection to broadcast and
studio sources as well as desktop computers. The monitor uses an IPS
(in-plane switching) panel with a native resolution of 1920 ? 1200, a
wide color gamut, and 176 degree viewing angles. The color gamut
allows the ColorEdge CG232W to reproduce color spaces used in
broadcasting such as PAL/SECAM, SMPTE-C, and HDTV.

A 3D LUT (look-up table) features previewing of how color will be
reproduced on the final film print. 10-bit simultaneous display means
more than 1 billion colors can be shown on the screen at once. This
is 64 times the colors supported by standard 8-bit display and
virtually eliminates color and grayscale banding.

To counteract the brightness and chroma uniformity errors that are
characteristic of all LCD panels, Eizo has equipped the ColorEdge
CG232W with its Digital Uniformity Equalizer (DUE) function. Eizo’s
ColorNavigator calibration software is bundled with the ColorEdge
CG232W and allows for setting the target values for brightness, white
point, and gamma. ColorNavigator works with a measurement device to
directly utilize the monitor’s 3D LUT for accurate hardware
calibration in less than five minutes.

The ColorEdge CG232W has a panel display frame rate of 120Hz and
preset color modes for Rec. 709, EBU, SMPTE-C, DCI, and sRGB that can
be accessed at the touch of a button.