SmartSound Software, a provider of music solutions for the video
industry, has launched a new plug-in
( for Apple’s video editing
software, Final Cut Pro. The plug-in integrates SmartSound Sonicfire
Pro 5 with Final Cut Pro to automatically edit and deliver customized
music soundtracks.

SmartSound Sonicfire Pro 5 is a music solution offering such features
as Mood Mapping and Timing Control which work with a large collection
of customizable music. Now integrated with Final Cut Pro, these
features enable control over a variety of dynamic music elements.

With the release of SmartSound’s new Final Cut Pro plug-in, editors
will be able to set markers or in/out points in their video sequence
and use the Sonicfire Pro 5 “Send To” button to automatically deliver
custom-fit music tracks within any of their markers. Once a
SmartSound music track is in Final Cut Pro, the “Open in Editor”
command will allow full roundtrip editing of the track. Editors can
use Sonicfire Pro 5 to resize the music or use Mood Mapping and
Timing Control features to adjust the timing of the music to their
markers and even change individual instrument levels before sending
the changes back to Final Cut Pro for immediate review, all with a
few clicks of the mouse.

Included with every Final Cut Pro plug-in purchase is an exclusive
music album, composed and produced specifically for the marketplace
of Final Cut users. “A New Era” (an US$99.95 value) features a
collection of customizable music from indie musicians and soundtrack

SmartSound’s Final Cut Pro plug-in can be purchased for US$249.
Current customers may upgrade for $49.95. The plug-in works with
Final Cut Pro 6.0.2 or later and SmartSound Sonicfire Pro 5.1 or
later. SmartSound will be providing live demonstrations of the Final
Cut Pro plug-in at the NAB Show in Las Vegas April 20-23rd in booth