Collins America has announced the world’s first product line of
native Mini DisplayPort connected LCD displays made just for Macs.
The first three models will be available before Sept. 1.

Since Apple transitioned its entire Mac product line to the new Mini
DisplayPort jack for connecting external displays no manufacturer has
offered plug-compatible display products. Also, no display maker has
adopted Apple’s current industrial design theme of aluminum, black,
and glass in products aesthetically matched to current Macs.

The three initial CinemaView display models are sized at 19-inch at
1440 x 900 pixels, 20.1-inch at 1650 x 1050 pixels, and 24-inch at
1920 x 1080 pixels, and are priced at US$299, $399, and $499,
respectively. All CinemaView models include a three-port powered USB
2.0 hub, a passthrough stereo audio jack, and, an all-in-one cable
that connects Mini Displayport, USB 2.0, and stereo audio to the Mac.

CinemaView displays will be available from the CinemaView web site,
from Apple Specialist retailers across the USA, and from hundreds of
independent Apple product resellers around the world. CinemaView
displays can be reserved now from the CinemaView web site. Customers
placing reservations before Aug. 1 will receive free shipping to USA,
Canada, and EU destinations. More product and reservation information
is available at