TeamViewer (, a provider of solutions for
online communication and collaboration, has expanded their offering
with TeamViewer Manager, a cross-platform (including Mac OS X)
database tool designed to record and archive support session details.
Created for large companies and demanding call centers, TeamViewer
Manager stores session information for quick recall and increased
client service in a secure environment.

As call centers play an increasingly important role in client and
customer support, companies strive to manage information collected
from each support session. To offer quality and efficient service,
companies must be able to reference details from previous sessions
quickly and easily.

Specifically engineered for large enterprise, TeamViewer Manager is
included as part of the Premium License. Customers simply run the
free Host Module or QuickSupport, and technicians are able to
establish an immediate connection.

As soon as the connection is established, entire support sessions can
be recorded as a movie and saved in the customer file. These files
can be categorized and sorted into as many customized folders as the
administrator creates. With hundreds of customer files sorted into
folders, session details can be easily sourced for future reference
or training purposes, and safely stored for security insurance.

Clicking on an individual customer file provides the ID name and
password, as well as information about customer hardware, previous
support issues, and any other notes technicians have included. In
addition, the database references which technician or technicians
were present on the support session.

TeamViewer Manager also automatically saves the session start and
finish times, providing technicians with exact support duration. This
duration is especially important when customers are billed on an
hourly rate, which can be entered and stored individually for each

Additional fields can be added to TeamViewer Manager, making the
solution a customized fit for a variety of organizations. Large
enterprise will benefit from SQL-server connectivity while smaller
companies may choose to use the TeamViewer Manager locally.
TeamViewer Manager is portable for technicians working in distant
locations. “We are pleased to partner with large-scale enterprise,
providing these groups with the opportunity to improve their remote
support offering,” begins Dr. Tilo Rossmanith, Founder and Director
of TeamViewer GmbH. “The customer information in each database makes
subsequent support sessions easy and straightforward, while the
session time options facilitate hourly billing rates,” finishes

Like all TeamViewer solutions, TeamViewer Manager maintains the
highest possible security standards. TeamViewer works behind
firewalls, enabling information sharing without compromising computer

TeamViewer Manager is available as part of the Premium License key,
which can be bought with a one-time payment.