iPresentee (http://www.ipresentee.com), a developer of add-ons for
Apple’s iWork and iLife applications, has released free Easter Mail
Stationery templates to be used with Apple’s Mail software. The
package includes 10 templates.

Creating an e-mail with Easter Mail Stationery templates is exactly
the same as creating an e-mail using the ordinary Mail Stationery
templates. Messages created with Easter Mail Stationery can be read
by popular webmail services and email programs on both Macs and PCs.
New Mail Stationery templates comes with an installer to make sure
the templates end up in the right place and would be displayed in
Apple Mail New Message Stationery menu automatically.

Easter Mail Stationery templates are offered free of charge and work
with any Mac running Mac OS X 10.5 with the bundled Mail application.
Free Mail Stationery templates for Easter holiday are available for
download at the iPresentee’s web site.