”TARGET=”_blank”)Blastwave FX(/a), a HD
sound effects label, has announced Blastwave FX Search Engine
software for the Mac and PC. The Blastwave FX Search Engine is
single-user search software that comes bundled on select Blastwave FX
sound effects hard drive products.

The search engine provides search, audition and drag and drop
functions. It’s bundled with all of Blastwave FX’s sound effects hard
drive libraries, including Sonopedia, BlastDrive, TitleWave and
.wavFX. Anvideo tutorial featuring the Blastwave FX Search Engine
workflow with Pro Tools is available the BlastFX web site.

The Blastwave FX Search Engine integrates with audio and video
applications such as Pro Tools, Logic, AVID, Final Cut Pro and
beyond. In Pro Tools, for example, users can drag and drop sound
effects directly to the timeline and regions list. AVID users can
drag n’ drop directly to bin. Final Cut users can spot sound effects
right on the timeline.