Genius ( has announced a new headphone
designed to block outside sound for entertainment fans. The GHP-04NC
touts a sound blocking feature that cancels out background
distraction noise an purportedly allowing only the music to be heard.

Built based on the “superposition principle,” The GHP-04NC is
designed with an inverted version of the noise signal to cancel
outside noise when two identical sound waves combine. This result is
destructive interference, the most effective way to cancel noise from
low-frequency sources.

The GHP-04NC uses a 40mm unit driver. The padded swivel ear-cup can
be adjusted to fit any face contour and the soft headband sponge and
leather ear pad are designed for long time wear. It helps fade away
background noise for up to 50 hours of uninterrupted enjoyment on two
AAA Alkaline batteries. Priced at US$49.99, the GHP-04NC comes
complete with a 6.3mm dual-plug stereo adapter that can connect to a
variety of flight audio sources and a travel leather bag.