Meadows Publishing Solutions has released DesignMerge Pro for Adobe
InDesign CS4, supporting both Mac and Windows platforms. DesignMerge
Pro ( will provide Adobe
InDesign users with variable data publishing, personalized printing,
and document automation features.

The modules work within the InDesign application, enabling
mail-merge, variable data printing, and document automation features.
The entire process is database-driven. DesignMerge can support
variable text, picture, article, and even complete InDesign layouts
and master pages.

All of the features of Adobe InDesign are available when using
DesignMerge software, so features such as variable type-on-a-curve
are supported. DesignMerge also outputs the most popular variable
data printing formats, including PostScript, PPML, and Creo VPS. The
product is fully compatible with systems offered by Canon, Xerox, HP,
EFI, Ricoh, and Konica-Minolta, among others.