Dover Studios has released “Shake Compositing Workflow 2nd Edition,”
their latest visual effects training video. It provides an
introduction to node-based compositing for visual effects artists
working in the film and television industry.

In this video, visual effects artists, Andrew Hazelden and Russell
Hazelden, explore the Shake user interface and the workflow used to
composite images. The second edition has been completely updated and
features 1080p high definition video.

Topics include: loading footage into a Shake script with the FileIn
node, adjusting node parameters, layering images with the Over node,
using RAM and disk based Flipbooks to preview composites, working
with nodes and noodles, and rendering finished composites using the
FileOut node.

Advanced topics include: using proxies to work with high resolution
footage in real-time, relinking missing media, customizing global
parameters, viewing multiple color channels in the Viewer and in
Flipbooks, using horizontal and vertical compare modes, creating
multiple viewers, configuring the domain of definition to reduce
computer processing time, and several techniques for managing media
in the File Browser.

A free preview is available at the Dover Studios web site
( “Shake Compositing Workflow 2nd
Edition” is available now as a download for US$49.95. Single user and
multi-user site licensed versions of the video are available.