MacRabbit has released Espresso 1.0 (,
a new web development solution for the Mac. The app shares its DNA
with CSSEdit, MacRabbit’s style sheet editor.

Espresso aims to focus Web development workflows into one streamlined
app, according to the folks at MacRabbit. Projects start out with an
organized one-window workspace, providing instant access to files,
publishing and more. From there, you have freedom in customizing your
environment: you can search for files, reorder often-used pages or
drag off tabs into their own window.

Espresso 1.0 ships with full-featured support for HTML, XML, CSS,
JavaScript and PHP, but its core was designed to be extended. There
are already third-party Sugars (plug-ins) available, allowing you to
add support for many new languages.

MacRabbit has added complete server syncing tools. With Espresso, you
can update, merge or mirror your projects to SFTP, FTP or S3. For
tweaks directly on the server, Espresso features a complete Browse
mode with remote editing.

Espresso is available for approximately US$68 if you already own
CSSEdit 2 or $81 at full price.