LaCie ( has announced the blue eye pro Proof
Edition (US$430). Leveraging the success of the original blue eye
pro, it includes the UGRA-certified Test & Report function.

This feature allows the most demanding users in softproofing-based
workflows to perform color accuracy verifications based on the color
patches of the widely accepted UGRA/FOGRA Mediawedge, and produces a
certificate of suitability for softproofing according to ISO 12646
requirements, according to Daniel Mayer, LaCie Displays Business Unit
manager. This level of calibration is best suited for professionals
supporting the late stages of the “print” workflow, as well as
photographers or graphic designers implementing softproofing or who
have similar expectations in terms of color accuracy, he adds.

Users can specify any target colorimetric settings, such as
Whitepoint, Gamma, Brightness and Blackpoint, and the LaCie blue eye
pro software automatically calibrates the monitor — creating and
activating an ICC profile that ensures consistent color reproduction
throughout the workflow. Additionally, it saves to the profile the
specific hardware settings that correspond to a given calibration,
allowing the user to switch from one colorimetric environment to
another without needing to recalibrate.

The Test & Report function creates detailed reports that analyze a
monitor’s gamut, allowing a customer to evaluate the accuracy of
colors against target values. When optionally using Mediawedge colors
to perform these tests, the monitor color accuracy is evaluated
against a set of standard criteria for Whitepoint and Gray Balance
precision, profile quality and suitability for usage in a variety of
color processes.

In addition to these features, the LaCie blue eye pro Proof Edition
also comprises a set of complementary color management tools such as
Whitepoint fine-tuning, Blackpoint adjustment and Ambient Light
analysis. The LaCie blue eye pro Proof Edition works with major
productivity software packages such as ColorSync, Photoshop,
Lightroom, Illustrator, InDesign, QuarkXPress and Aperture.