Apple says iTunes customers can purchase and rent box office
favorites including “Quantum of Solace” and “Twilight” in HD on the
iTunes Store. Starting March 20, movie fans can purchase films for
download in HD for US$19.99 from iTunes, and films will be available
as iTunes Movie Rentals in HD for $4.99 within 30 days after release.

Customers can enjoy these films in HD on their Mac or PC and on their
widescreen TV with Apple TV, as well as in standard definition on
their iPhone or iPod with video.

“Customers have made HD content on iTunes a hit, with over 50 percent
of TV programming being purchased in HD when available,” says Eddy
Cue, Apple’s vice president of Internet Services.

Starting today, iTunes customers can pre-order “Quantum of Solace,”
which will be downloaded to their computer on March 24, and
“Twilight” will be available on March 21. iTunes customers can also
purchase “Transporter 3,” “Punisher: War Zone” and other select
titles in HD today, and (i)The Spirit(/I) will be available on April
14. The iTunes Movie Store will be adding more HD movies soon and
customers can view the latest offerings at

iTunes 8.1 for Mac and Windows includes the iTunes Store and is
available as a free download from . Purchase
and download of songs and videos from the iTunes Store requires a
valid credit card from a financial institution in the country of
purchase. Video availability varies by country. iTunes Movie Rentals
are $2.99 for library titles and $3.99 for new releases, and high
definition versions are priced just one dollar more with library
titles at $3.99 and new releases at $4.99.