Script Software has updated CopyPaste
(, its multiple clipboard
utility for Mac OS X, to version 2.0. The upgrade adds two instantly
available windows (one a horizontal browser like the Apple
application switcher, the other a vertical palette).

Macs come with only one clipboard and every time you make a copy all
previous clip info is lost forever. CopyPaste Pro changes that
because it works in the background and remembers all copies and cuts,
creating a Clip History. The Clip Archive is the place in CopyPaste
Pro where permanent clips are kept. You can now use the Clip Browser
(horizontal browser) or Clip Palette (vertical browser) to see clips
from different points of view.

Also, in version 2.0, a clip editor called Bean (really a lightweight
word processor) is now part of the CopyPaste Pro ecology. Bean allows
you to edit clipboards. A demo is available for download.
Registration for CopyPaste Pro 2.0 is US$30.