Other World Computing (http://www.macsales.com)
has announced DDR3 memory upgrades up to 4GB for
the new Mac mini desktop computer models
announced by Apple this week.

With the announcement of the new 2GB Memory
Module for the mini, OWC provides an additional
memory option for the mini not offered by the
factory. The OWC 2GB Memory Module can be added
to an existing 1GB factory chip for 3GB of total

OWC says its memory upgrades for the Mac mini
cost up to 57 percent less than the factory
upgrades. In addition, with OWC memory upgrades,
users retain their original factory memory
modules that can either be set aside for future
use or be sent to OWC for a cash back trade-in up
to US$7 per 1GB Apple factory memory module. OWC
memory upgrades for the Mac mini 2.0GHz and
2.26GHz 2009 models are:

° OWC 2GB DDR3 Memory Module — $33.99 (you can
add this to the existing 1GB factory chip for 3GB
total memory);

° OWC 4GB (2 x 2GB matched memory modules) DDR3
Memory Kit — $64.99 57% lower cost than factory
4GB upgrade for mini 1GB/120GB HD model, 35%
lower cost for 2GB/320GB HD model.

OWC also provides internal 2.5-inch hard drives
to upgrade/replace factory stock drives in new
and existing Mac mini desktop computers.