Freeverse and MrJoy are donating their tower defense game, Hordes of
Orcs, to the non-profit Games For Soldiers organization. In turn,
Games for Soldiers will deliver the digital copies of the game to
over 20,000 American armed services personnel stationed throughout
Afghanistan, Iraq, Kyrgyzstan and Kuwait.

SPC Jesse Williams first began contacting video game publishers while
stationed in Afghanistan, securing donations to help outfit his
unit’s MWR (Morale, Welfare and Recreation) center. After returning
home, he founded the Games For Soldiers organization
(, which has shipped thousands of
video games to armed services personnel in Iraq and Afghanistan in
2008, to both individual soldiers and base recreation centers and
Internet cafes.

Available for both Mac and PC systems, Hordes of Orcs is a game in
which you must build walls and lethal towers to defend your village
from the Orcs emerging from “The Glowing Portal of Really Bad Things
That We Should Have Bricked-Up a Long Time Ago.” Sadly, the Portal is
un-bricked and the Orcs are very, very hungry. Players must
strategically use all their resources, including spells and various
types of towers, to prevent the Orcs from making it through to the
village. If 20 Orcs make it to your village, you’re toast.

Hordes of Orcs retails for US$24.95, and is available for purchase
from Freeverse’s web site (