Mark/Space ( has released a free app, Fliq
Docs, which works with the Mac and PC versions of Fliq to allow
iPhone and iPod touch owners to take files and documents wherever
they go and share them with others.

You can transfer via Wi-Fi almost any type of file to the iPhone or
iPod touch by using the Mac or PC desktop versions of Fliq. You can
view, organize, and send documents, including PDFs, Microsoft Office
files, text documents and even photos, music and videos to other Fliq

For example, you can drag and drop a PDF or Word file from a Mac or
PC and transfer it to an iPhone or iPod touch to take to a meeting.
You can save a PowerPoint from an offsite meeting on the iPhone and
later transfer it to a work computer at the office. You can keep a
copy of directions on your phone to send to others.

Fliq Docs is available now from the Apple App Store. It’s free for
iPhone and iPod touch users. Fliq for Mac or Windows PC is US$19.95.