Excel Software (http://www.excelsoftware.com ) has updated MacA&D —
a scaleable tool for drawing multi-level data flow diagrams, logical
and physical data models and UML class diagrams — to version 3.0.
The new software is a Universal Binary application for native
performance on all Mac OS X computers — both PowerPC and Intel.

The upgrade also has enhancements to the user interface, integrated
help, manual set, report scripting engine, installer plus new
features to add, remove, duplicate and individually lock or unlock
editing on diagrams. MacA&D supports process, data, class, state,
structure, object and task models with popular methods and extensive

You can create language independent models or generate source code
for C++, Objective-C, Java, Delphi, PHP, SQL, C, Pascal, Basic and
Fortran. MacA&D scales to large projects, multiple users, distributed
team development and the integration of thousands of documents across
the development process.

Requirement entries are defined as structured information in a dialog
controlled by a user-defined template of field and value choices.
Requirements can link to any target document, diagram or specific
diagram objects with two-way traceability. With MacA&D you can
create, navigate and maintain links between thousands of requirement
entries and deliverables. Information is presented through
user-defined views, queries and reports.

MacA&D costs US$495 for the Standard Edition, $1,195 for the Desktop
Edition and $1,995 for the Developer Edition. The Excel Software web
site has demonstration videos on UML, structured analysis and design,
data models, code generation, diagram generation from code,
requirements management and system models with simulation.