Cortado (, a company that specializes in
mobile applications, has announced the development of practical
business applications for the iPhone. A variety of new solutions will
become available within the next six months.

Cortado’s Exchange Hosting, a solution optimized for mobile devices,
already offers a communication solution for iPhones used by
entrepreneurs, freelancers and small to medium-sized businesses. The
company says it will also be offering its standard business solutions
for the Apple device. This means iPhone features will be augmented by
classic computer functions such as printing, faxing, access to
corporate networks, scanning and copying, database access and much
more, according to Roger Guerrero, sales manager at Cortado.

“Within the next six months, we will be offering a series of business
applications through the Apple App Store, and are expecting to have
the ‘Cortado Corporate Server for the iPhone’ ready by summer,” he
says. “At the moment, the iPhone is developing into our second most
important platform, just after BlackBerry smartphones.”