Freeverse has released SlotZ Track Editor, a free app for the iPhone
and iPod touch that allows anyone to create a slot-car track. It’s
compatible with SlotZ Racer game.

SlotZ Track Editor contains the same feature-packed track editor
that’s built into SlotZ Racer, allowing users to create detailed
tracks, and trick them out with jumps, bridges, scenery, and more.
Additionally, the Track Editor includes an online track browser, so
you can scan through the hundreds of tracks that other players have
created and uploaded. Once you’ve created or downloaded a track, you
can test it with automated computer cars to see how well the track
will race. New tracks can be uploaded, where they are available for
everyone else to view and race.

For people that don’t have SlotZ Racer, SlotZ Track Editor gives you
the opportunity to use the track editing facilities in the game, as
well as view (and edit) the tracks that other players are creating.

SlotZ Track Editor is available as a free download from Apple’s App
SlotZ Racer is currently on sale for $1.99.