Genius (, a brand division of KYE Systems
Corp., has announced a new addition to the company’s line up of
digital tablets: the US$109 G-Pen F-509, for business professionals,
graphic designers and artists on-the-go. Plug and play ready, the
G-Pen comes with both Mac OS X and Window’s Vista software.

The G-Pen F-509 has 26 programmable hot keys for various functions to
be used forshortcuts. The cordless pen features 1024 level pressure
sensitivity and two buttons for controlling shapes and thickness.

The G-Pen F-509 has a 5.25 x 8.75 inch working area and is
transportable for use in a car, coffee shop or any type of mobile
office. The tablet can be used to write, draw, sketch and/or sign
documents. It’s designed for those creative types who like drawing,
bloggers, artists, and anyone craving a digital pen as opposed to a
keyboard, which only allows typing, according to the folks at Genius.