Nova media has unveiled a hardware development kit for 3G devices
based on a 3G embedded wireless module. The GTM382 development kit
consists of an embedded 3G module, as well as a mainboard with USB
support and the necessary Mac OS X drivers to address the advanced
3G, GPS and Voice functions of the embedded module.

The GTM382 module offers fast HSPA speeds with up to 7.2 Mbit/second
download and 2 Mbit/second upload speeds and supports reliable EDGE
and GPRS connections, according to Jan Fuellemann of nova media. It’s
been tested worldwide on mobile networks and infrastructures.

The GTM382 development kit features connections for external
antennas, headphones, SIM card and a power supply. The kit is already
supplied with an external antenna, a headphone, USB cable, RF cable
and the power supply. Drivers for Mac OS X 10.4.11 and higher, as
well as for Linux and Windows in addition to in-depth technical
documents, complete the package.

The GTM382 development kit is available for developers for Euro 199
(plus VAT if applicable) at nova media’s web site: