Mark/Space has updated The Missing Sync for Blackberry
(, a tool for
syncing between BlackBerry devices from Research In Motion (including
the BlackBerry Pearl smartphone) and Mac OS X’s Address Book and iCal
applications and the corresponding applications on BlackBerry
handsets, to version 2.0.

The upgrade adds new wireless sync capabilities. Now, you can sync
information between your Mac and BlackBerry wirelessly via Bluetooth,
without cables. Plus, Proximity Sync technology automates syncing.
So, whenever your BlackBerry is close to your Mac, The Missing Sync
performs a sync without you even having to think about it.

Also, when you make changes to your calendar, or add a new song to a
playlist, The Missing Sync will synchronize those changes as you’re
sitting at your desk or working on the train-ride home. Version 2.0
also includes many other new features including improved music
playlist support for iTunes, video transfer to and from the
BlackBerry. Plus, users can archive text messages and call histories
to their Mac where they can do more with them.

The Missing Sync for BlackBerry, version 2.0, is available
immediately as an electronic download from the Mark/Space Online
Store for US$39.95. A CD version will be available soon for $49.95.
Free upgrades to version 2.0 are available for anyone who purchased
version 1.0 of The Missing Sync for BlackBerry on or after Nov. 1,
2008. Purchases prior to that date and purchases of other Missing
Sync products qualify for a version 2.0 upgrade for $29.95.

Also available as a business edition bundle, The Missing Sync for
BlackBerry Business Edition is an all-in-one special package that
includes a business license to install on two computers, Priority
Email Support Subscription, Software Upgrade Subscription, and all of
the features people rely on from The Missing Sync.