The Tiffen Company, a Long Island based leading manufacturer and
distributor of photographic accessories, has announced a special
version of its award-winning Tiffen Dfx Digital Filter Creative
Effects software, for iPhone and iPod touch owners. It’s available at
the Apple App Store for US$2.99.

Tiffen Photo fx (
features 26 filters/effects with slider controls for an range of
custom effects within five different groups and a range of 27
different film looks. The software allows users to enhance images
from photos taken or stored on their iPhones, saves the new images
for display later without overwriting the original image, to email
friends, family and business associates.

Tiffen Photo fx includes a range of creative variations such as: Face
fx, Outer fx, Fun fx, Classic fx, and Wild fx. The app even includes
a random filter selector feature. Just open any photo in Tiffen Photo
fx, shake the iPhone or iPhone touch slightly for the application to
randomly choose a filter that can be applied to the image, then
permit another filter to be selected or again randomly have one