Tycoon Games has released Heileen: A Trip To Bavaria, a
historical-fiction visual novel game with multiple endings. It’s a
Flash-based game that requires the latest version (10) of Flash

“This is my first experiment in Flash” says Riva Celso,
programmer/designer of Tycoon Games, “But I really wanted to write a
sort of flash prequel to my main downlodable game Heileen which was
released in autumn 2008, to give the players a more detailed
background of the main character of the story”.

In A Trip To Bavaria we find Heileen on a short trip to a small
unknown village near Munich, as a gift from her uncle Otto for her
16th birthday. The web game features manga graphics, has three
different endings and is free to play.

Go to http://www.tycoongames.eu/webgames/ to play the webgame.