Since SecureMac released its iWorkServices Trojan Removal Tool last
week, a new related trojan has been detected in the wild. As a
result, SecureMac has updated the tool, and renamed it iServices
Trojan Removal Tool. The tool is still free to download and use, and
now detects and removes the new variant distributed with pirated
versions of Adobe (ADBE) Photoshop CS 4 for Apple (AAPL) Mac OS X.

Pirated copies of Photoshop CS 4 are reported by Intego
( to contain malware. On Jan.
16, a copy of Photoshop CS 4 containing the trojan variant was seeded
to a number of peer-2-peer networks. This trojan has been labeled
OSX.Trojan.iServices.B and is the second variant discovered in the
wild — variant A was found earlier this month in pirated copies of
iWork 09.

Like its predecessor, variant B obtains root privileges, and notifies
the remote host of the infected computer’s location on the Internet.
It is recommended users avoid downloading pirated copies of these
programs. What’s more, it is anticipated that new variants will be
discovered in the coming months in other software packages
distributed by third parties over the Internet.

Users who feel they might be infected can use SecureMac’s free
iServices Trojan Removal Tool to remove known trojan horse variants.
The removal tool can be downloaded by visiting or
downloading directly from: