Native Instruments has introduced US$79 Acoustic Refractions
(, a new
Kore SoundPack that combines organic and synthetic qualities. Based
on unusual acoustic sample material and brought to life through sound
programming, this new library for Kore 2 and the free Kore Player
provides charismatic, highly original instruments for any musical
project that benefits from weird and wonderful tones and textures,
according to the folks at Native Instruments.

Acoustic Refractions was created in collaboration with prolific sound
design artist Jeremiah Savage, who recorded an assortment of unusual
acoustic samples from “everyday objects” as the starting point. The
sonic raw material at the heart of this Kore SoundPack comes from
items such as light bulbs, blocks of ice, washing machines, spray
cans, shredded paper, water, glass and stones, and even the Golden
Gate Bridge. This source material is processed through the Kontakt
sample engine integrated in Kore 2.

Acoustic Refractions includes 100 individual KoreSounds, complete
with morphable sound variations for added sonic variety and concise
parameter assignments for immediate sound tweaking in Kore 2 and Kore