TechRestore has begun offering the only Matte Finish screen
replacement service for 15-inch MacBook Pro “unibody” systems. The
new service offers an option for owners of the new 15-inch MacBook
Pros, that, for personal or professional reasons, don’t wish to use
the high-gloss, shiny screen and glass that’s factory installed.

The Overnight MacBook Pro 15-inch Unibody Matte Finish Screen
Replacement Service has a 24-hour turnaround time and flat-rate
pricing of US$199 that includes installation of a new replacement LCD
screen, free return shipping and a one-year warranty on parts and

Unlike simple anti-glare covers, which can distort images and skew
colors, the TechRestore upgrade involves removing the glossy, glass
screen cover and replacing the glossy LCD with a matte-finish screen
that has the exact same specifications as the original, says
TechRestore President Shannon Jean.

“We install a custom black bezel around the edge of the screen that
matches the finish of the MacBook Pro and looks great,” Shannon adds.
“The bezel has all the required holes in it for the iSight and other
items that sit at the top of the MacBook Pro screen housing. Many of
our customers have requested a non-glossy screen option to reduce the
glare and reflection of the standard MacBook Pro Unibody screen.”

The service is available immediately, with over 2000 convenient local
drop-off locations throughout the country. Interested parties can
learn more by going here: