Synectics Business Solutions, developer of the BackJack Online Backup
Service, has announced a new version of their software to complement
their service. BackJack’s new Business version (5.1) follows their
Enterprise version (5.0) which has been in use since 2007.

The Business version ( was built from the
Enterprise version so that small to mid-sized businesses and
educational institutions can benefit from more cost-effective
pricing, simplified backups, more efficient uploads and enhanced
security, says Synectics President Chris Brown. Also included in
their Business version is an improved web-based account manager which
gives administrators greater control over their account information,
internal support, storage, and user management.

What’s more, Synectics’ upcoming solution, known as Continuum, will
complement Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard’s Time Machine so that both onsite
and offsite backups can be performed. BackJack’s Business Version is
available for download immediately via their 15-day free trial. Mac
users need Mac OS X 10.4.10 or greater.