Derman Enterprises has announced Sync’Em version 1.20, an update of
the multi-sync hub for Macs that’s designed to sync Microsoft
Exchange, Google and Apple contact and calendar information.

Changes since Sync’Em version 1.18 include multiple user interface
improvements, new uninstaller options that are important if
re-installing, later. Sync’Em version 1.20 also fixes two problems
that could cause syncing to hang and works around a problem with
unhandled exceptions in OS X’s Sync Services.

Sync’Em has its own full-featured sync engine that syncs non-Apple
sources directly, enabling it to sync Exchange-to-Exchange,
Exchange-to-Google and Google-to-Google and perform multi-source
conflict resolutions in one interaction.

Today Sync’Em syncs Exchange, Google/Gmail and/or Address Book
contacts and Exchange and/or iCal basic calendar events. Soon
Sync’Em will be updated to sync Google calendar events and add
multiple Mac-to-Mac syncing that syncs pre-sync’d information, for
maximum efficiency. See
for more information.

Sync’Em can be downloaded via
and requires Mac OS X 10.4 or 10.5. 15-day 2-Mac full-featured Trial
licenses are free and all version 1.x updates are free to registered