Webahn has launched an Phone Web application for its online
Electronic Medical Records (EMR) service, Capzule.com
(http://www.Capzule.com) at a starting price of US$50 per month.
Capzule makes it possible for physicians to care for their patients
while off site.

With the launch of the iPhone web application for Capzule.com, an
online service that provides electronic medical records to
independent clinics, physicians can now connect with their office via
their iPhone. With the new app, physicians can review patient files
on their mobile device, and provide quicker response times when away
from the office.

Physicians can view messages, check their schedule, review charts,
and write prescriptions. Doctors can check on patients between
hospital rounds, nursing home visits and more.

In addition to Capzule.com, Webahn offers OvernightScribe.com, an
online application for health care providers to manage medical
transcriptions. It’s used by physicians nationwide, including leading
hospitals such as Henry Ford Health System in Detroit.